About the Name

Why Only Slightly Deranged?

While reading Herodotus The Histories I came across the line “And Kleomenes, who was only slightly deranged before…” and just started cracking up. Right. Only slightly deranged. Now he’s full on crazy, but before? Only slightly.

Later, I was trying to think of a better name for my comic collections of esoteric and random stories about long ago dead people. My sister said Surely there was a quote somewhere in what I had read that would work, such as Hark, A Vagrant! or Good Tickle Brain. Something that would be memorable and a little bit odd.

After a long night of reading Arrian, Diodorus Siciulus, Plutarch, and Rufus Curtius, I fell into bed thinking about all of the ancient authors I had read this semester. Then floating inside my brain was the phrase: “Only Slightly Deranged.” It was perfect. Most of the stories I am drawn to are the ones that are, well, slightly deranged. History is full of bizarre and crazy weird people. I find that it is my duty to share this bizareness with the world, hence, Only Slightly Deranged: All the stories you never wanted to read.