Retail Life

1-2 times a month I’ll be putting up a Retail Life Comic. This page will have them all linky-dinked in case you are looking for only them or a specific one or you’re bored and just want to click on an extra page because you are trying to avoid that thing that you are supposed to be doing which you should probably be doing instead of avoiding it.

Or maybe I’m talking about myself. Hehe… he… *clears throat awkwardly*

*Dates Approximate and May Change Depending on Life*


Adventures in the Building Supplies Store

Vol. 1, “Marry You Right Here in the Check Out Lane.”
Vol. 2, “Too Many Parking Spots.”

Adventures in New Burgundy

Vol. 1, “Pencils on Vacation.”
Vol. 2, “I Didn’t Touch Anything.”

Tales From the Silos and Peasants Book Shoppe

Vol. 1, “Let Me Spell That For You.”
Vol. 2, “No Honey, You’re Sick.”

Treeville Playhouse (coming soon!)

Vol. 1, “We Wouldn’t Know.”

Paper Clips (coming eventually!)