The Iliad According to NaomiRuth

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Where the Mediterranean Are We?
Who the Heck is Homer?
Potentials for Miscommunication & Problems of Author Bias
A Note on Source Material

::Cast of Characters::

Who You Need to Know Part I: The Argives
Who You Need to Know Part II: The Trojans
Who You Need to Know Part III: The Immortals
Who You Need to Know Part IV: The Rest

::The Iliad::

Book 1

Book 1, Part 1.1: The Prologue
Book 1, Part 1.2: A Plague Be Upon You!
Book 1, Part 2.1: The Sass of Achilles
Book 1, Part 2.2: Enter Athena
Book 1, Part 3.1: Nestor Advises to No Avail
Book 1, Part 3.2: A Problem of Obedience
Book 1, Part 4.1: Achilles Cries to His Momma
Book 1, Part 4.2: Odysseus Doesn’t Get Lost
Thetis & Pelus: Not a Love Story
Book 1, Part 5.1: The Melodrama of Zeus
Book 1, Part 5.2: Hera Never Pries
Book 1: Recap

Book 2

Book 2, Part 1.1: Dream and Lies and Troy Will Die
Book 2, Part 1.2: Odysseus is Persuasive
Book 2, Part 2.1: Thersites Gets a Bad Rap
Book 2, Part 2.2: A Prophecy and a Prayer
Book 2, Part 3.1: Homer and Random Greek Dudes
Book 2, Part 3.2: Death Comes in the End…
Book 2: Recap

Book 3

Book 3, Part 1.1: Paris is a Coward
Book 3, Part 1.2: Hector Makes a Deal
Book 3, Part 2.1: Enter Helen
Book 3, Part 2.2: Preparing for the Duel
A “Scary” Story
Book 3, Part 3.1: Aphrodite Intervenes
Book 3, Part 3.2: Sassy Helen is Sassy
Book 3: Recap

Happy New Year

Book 4

Book 4, Part 1.1: Meanwhile in Olympos
Book 4, Part 1.2: A Fine Fool
Book 4, Part 2.1: Agamemnon and His Troops
Book 4, Part 2.2: Agamemnon is Annoying and Eris Awaits
Book 4, Part 3.1: First Blood
Book 4, Part 3.2: Revenge Pleases Eris (coming Wednesday, 21 February 2018)
Book 4: Recap (coming Friday, 23 February 2018)