Book 6, Part 5.1: Fate and Denied Blessings

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I told you we would have an issue in a later post because Hector doesn’t have a helmet… Oh well. Astyanax is supposed to be crying because Hector has a scary helmet on and doesn’t recognize his dad and that’s why Hector and Andromache start laughing so… The humour works better in the original. Helmets are just difficult to draw and then Hector wouldn’t have such fabulous hair.

As for Andromache’s servant lady, what’s up with her? Why is she glaring all the time? At first I wasn’t quite sure, but then I was thinking about it and the servant ladies who took care of rich people’s children were really the ones raising them and acting as the child’s parents, and here these two keep passing the child around and laughing at it’s terror and… well. I’d be upset to and feel a bit possessive of the kid.

She’s probably glaring and rolling her eyes and thinking, “Rich people, ugh.” I wish she had a name. It is moments like these when I miss teaching, because my students would just make up names for all of the unnamed characters we came across. *is reminiscent*

ANYWAY. Zeus showed up way angrier than I had intended *shrugs* I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

Fate is creepy and wonderful and I love her.

I’m going to try and continue posting twice a week *fingers crossed* I’ll just make the segments shorter if I need to. If it takes me longer to make my way through Book 7, so be it. OHMYPENGUINS. WE’RE GOING TO START BOOK 7 SOON! Ahahahahahaha…hem. *clears throat awkwardly*

Have a good rest of your day, lovelies!


Who You Need to Know Part II: Trojans

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The Trojans are descended from Greeks, probably, but don’t tell them that. More on their geography later. For now! The main and supporting cast.

Main Characters

IANR.Tr.HectorHector, son of Priam, The Mightiest Warrior, husband to Andromache, father of Astyanax, actually has a brain and uses it too.

IANR.Tr.PriamPriam, king of Troy, husband to Hecuba, father of Hector, Paris, Deiphobus, Cassandra, and gods know who else, kind, but not always useful.

IANR.Tr.ParisParis, son of Priam, brother to Hector (etc.), stealer of Helen, xenia-breaker (more on that later), causes All of the Problems.

IANR.Tr.HelenHelen, ex-wife to Menelaus, lover of Paris, fairly useless as a character.

IANR.Tr.AeneasAeneas, Trojan nobleman, son of Aphrodite, has his own epic, less whiney than Odysseus’, son of Aphrodite, supposedly founded the city of Rome… er, or begat the son who begat the son who did.

IANR.Tr.AndromacheAstyanaxAndromache, wife of Hector, mother of Asytanax, actually has a personality, unlike Helen.

Astyanax, son of Hector and Andromache, not very important, but tiny and adorable.

IANR.Tr.HecubaHecuba, wife of Priam, Queen of Troy, shows up in one of the Greek plays later.

IANR.Tr.PolydamasPolydamas, friend to Hector, has good advice… that no one ever listens to. [And no… I don’t know what to say in response to how his character turned out.]

Supporting Cast

IANR.Tr.AntenorAntenor, nobleman, adviser to Priam, fathered many Trojan warriors, apparently, hates Helen.

IANR.Tr.AgenorAgenor, son of Antenor, warrior, attempts to fight Achilles, kind of important.

IANR.Tr.GlaucusGlaucus, Lycian, ally to the Trojans, his dad knew Diomede’s dad, a bit dense.

IANR.Tr.DolonDolon, spies on Greek ships, not very important.

IANR.Tr.PandarusPandarus, archer, Ruins Things.

IANR.Tr.DeiphobusDeiphobus, son of Priam and Hecuba, brother to Cassandra, also gift of prophecy

IANR.Tr.CassandraCassandra, daughter of Priam, sister to Deiphobus, blessed with prophecy via Apollo

IANR.Tr.PolydorusPolydorus, youngest son of Priam, brother to Hector, runs fast – but not fast enough.

IANR.Tr.EuphorbusEuphorbus, a fine Trojan warrior. Only moderately important.

There you have it! Your beautiful Trojans. Next time we will meet our Immortals.

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