Book 4, Part 3.2: Revenge Pleases Eris

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I love how Homer wraps up this mini story about Simoeisius inside of this great epic about war and rage. The image of this young dead boy as this rotting tree trunk is visually engaging and I wish I could paint better, because I would paint this scene.

The idea of death begetting more death and how revenge only results in more pain and more grief comes out so clearly in this mini Odysseus moment.

On a less serious note: when Apollo is shouting at the Trojans all I could imagine was that scene from the Princess Bride when the guy at the gate keeps shouting: “Stand your ground, men! Stand your ground!” Which was fairly distracting while I was drawing that panel. I had to re-draw Apollo because it was so bad the first time.

I was not expecting Eris to have the presence that She does, but it’s appropriate, and I have a feeling She’s going to continue to pop up unexpectedly.

AND that’s it for Book 4. We will have a recap on Friday of what all happened in Book 4 and then we shall continue on to Book 5 on Sunday. Book 5 is centered on Diomedes. I have drafted the script for Parts 1.1 and 1.2. ALSO, Aeneas is going to show up, FINALLY.

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