A Note on Source Material

Before we get too much farther into this re-telling of The Iliad I would like to take a moment to talk about Sources. There are many, many, many translations of The Iliad. My understanding of ancient Greek languages is pretty basic, so I am not reading the original text. One day I will be able to do that – – but not this day. This means I have to trust a translator to help me along.

The translation I own, and which I am heavily inspired by, is Stanley Lombardo’s version. I love it. I think he does a great job of keeping a sense of humour throughout the work and it just begs to be read out loud.

I have also read most of Robert Fagles’ version, and occasionally I reference my copy from The Great Works collection (the version translated by Samuel Butler, which is not my favourite because I prefer the poetic translations, but it has its uses). If you are looking for an online version to read all you have to do is internet search it. Most likely you will find Samuel Butler’s version, but there are others.

While I do not know what translation could be considered “the best,” I will say that I enjoy the Lombardo translation, and if you do not own The Iliad yet and want to purchase a version, I highly recommend his.

Anyway! Now you know what my source material is. See you on Sunday for the next installment *mwahahahahaha*

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