New Project: The Iliad According to NaomiRuth

I have no idea how long such a thing will take, or even if I will be successful in attempting such a thing, but I am going to try! I have done character sketches for The Argives, so I merely have all of the Trojans, all of the Immortals, plus a couple of random other characters, to do. Which. You know. Should be easy. 0_0

ANYWAY. While you are waiting for me to post up the Argive characters feel free to go out and buy a copy of The Iliad [this post tells you about the copy I am using] or you can follow this link and read an online version for free.

UPDATE: Here are some links to important info:

And the Rest…

Background Info
Where the Mediterranean Are We?
Who the Heck is Homer?
Potentials for Miscommunication and Problems of Author Bias

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