Where the Mediterranean Are We?

I’m glad you asked! If you look at a map of the Mediterranean world you will see a stretch of water between Greece and modern day Turkey. This is called the Aegean Sea and it is littered with all sorts of islands, including Salamis, Delos, Melos, Samos, and etc. South of these islands is an island vaguely resembling a slug (in my opinion), which is called Crete. Crete is important because of Minoan Civilization, which you will not learn about here. North of these islands a traveler would find such places as Thrace. Thrace is only important because Greeks don’t love them.
On the left of the Aegean Sea is Greece-Land. This includes the upper part where you can find places like Thessaly and Athens and the Oracle chillin’ out at Delphi. On the lower hand-shaped part (called the Peloponnesus) you will find places like Sparta where they basically live in mud huts and have two kings, some of whom are slightly deranged.

On the right of the Aegean Sea you will find a beautiful stretch of coast that the Greeks infected settled. This is known as the Ionian Coast. This area and the land East of it is also known as Anatolia and Asia Minor, but don’t worry about that right now, or possibly ever.

On the Ionian coast you will find, starting in the South and moving Northwards, towns like Halicarnassus (home to Herodotus), Miletus (which gets attacked All The Time), and Sardis (home to Croesus).

Continuing North you will eventually bump into Troy (if you have traveled back in time, that is, which is the assumption I’m going to be going off of, which should be obvious). Troy is right by the Hellaspont where you would have to jump over the Strait of Dardenelles (which I don’t recommend) in order to go from Turkey, up around to Thrace and Macedonia, and down to Greece. This is important if you’re reading Herodotus’ Histories or if you are a Persian king named Xerxes, but not really important if you’re reading The Illiad, so we will end here with a picture of one of my Not to Scale maps.


Obviously Crete is farther South. But the rest of it is EXACTLY like real life. Hahahaha… Um. No. This is useful for generalities, but maybe look at a real map and don’t use this to study for a test? In fact, I will link you to real maps, just in case you need ones.

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